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Enviro200, UK’s first full-sized autonomous bus service

Alexander Dennis Limited, a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc, today announced that in partnership with Stagecoach, Fusion Processing and Transport Scotland, it has revealed the first glimpse of the new special livery for the autonomous buses launching in Scotland in 2022. It is the next key milestone in ...


Smart Mobility

IVU wins three public contracts in Italy

Three more transport companies in Italy have opted for the integrated standard system IVU.suite from IVU Traffic Technologies: these are Atb Servizi Spa, Apt Gorizia and Amat Taranto. Who and why chose Ivu technology Azienda Trasporti Bergamo Servizi Spa manages bus, tram and cableway services in th...

Worcester welcomes bus shelters of the future

Bus stops and bus shelters like you’ve never seen before, except in futuristic, science fiction movies. Worcester, United Kingdom, is a big place for technology and sustainability: yes, because the capital of the county of Worcestershire, is ready to install a new type of shelter which breaks ...

Iveco Bus and EasyMile together for Autonomous Standard City Bus

Autonomous Standard City Bus from Iveco and EasyMile: yes, it can be done. Testing of a prototype of a fully autonomous driverless standard bus, capable of operating in real-world conditions, by Iveco Bus and EasyMile has been successful. This achievement marks a key milestone for the advancement of...
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