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Sidney goes electric: the city’s e-bus fleet expands

Sidney is increasingly green, Sidney is increasingly electric. Yes, because the city’s e-bus fleet expands and gets the largest e-depot in Australia. And so do the commuters, seeing more green power on Sidney’s inner-West urban streets via Transit Systems currently operating 15 electric buses – with...

Siemens charging technology for Australian zero-emission e-buses

Siemens’ charging technology infrastructure for eco-friendly buses made in Australia. Yes, because the Australian manufacturer Custom Denning has chosen Siemens electric bus charging stations and digital depot management solution for  its fleet of fully Australian designed and built Element el...


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Gillig reaches 100th BE buses produced (with Cummins)

North American manufacturer Gillig announces it had completed production of its 100th battery electric bus. The bus is scheduled for delivery to Metro Transit in St. Louis, Missouri in October. By the end of 2021, Metro Transit will have a total of 10 Gillig battery electric buses in its fleet. In J...

75 new Foton electric buses in Uttar Pradesh, India

New, electric sap for road transport in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. On the occasion of the Asian country’s 75th anniversary, Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi officially handed over 75 units of Foton electric buses to Uttar Pradesh. This is part of the central government’s e...

Solaris wins 30 e-buses in Genoa, Italy

Solaris wins 30 e-buses in Genoa, Italy. The news was ‘in the air’ already last summer, but now it’s official: the manufacturer has achieved another success in the Italian electric bus market, winning a tender for the delivery of as many as 30 e-b...

Yutong strengthens its presence in passenger transport in Mexico

Mexico accelerates on the front of the transport of people, with a particular eye to the rapid transit bus systems (Brt), which travel on special lanes with the aim of increasing the speed of traditional road transport reaching performances comparable to those of a classic metro. And so the Central ...
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