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Foton to export over 1,000 e-buses in Santiago de Chile

Foton signed a deal for 1,022 electric city buses headed to Santiago de Chile. Total value? 1.6 billion RMB. The deal, signed in August, marks the biggest order of domestically manufactured electric city buses from the overseas market. Currently, over 300 units of Foton electric buses (accounting ne...

UK, record-breaking order from First Bus: 193 ebuses to Wrightbus

This is the largest order for electric buses in the UK, excluding the capital London. Leading the way is First Bus, which has awarded an order worth £81 million, for a total of 193 ebuses to manufacturer Wrightbus, scheduled to hit the roads in March 2023. First Bus will invest £43 million in the ne...

Pelican launches the 9-meter e-bus Yutong E9 in the UK

Pelican have announced during August that they are launching a new, smaller zero emission vehicle, named Yutong E9. The E9 has an overall length of 8.94 metre, and a width of 2.42 metre. The vehicle will be highly manoeuvrable, and ideal for both rural and urban applications, the dealer points out. ...

Postbus to deploy 11 Mercedes eCitaro across Austria

Postbus will be putting eleven new Mercedes eCitaro into operation in Austria. These low-floor solo buses will be used on behalf of the transport association Ost-Region (VOR) for the “Schweinbarther Kreuz” project in the southern Weinviertel region of Lower Austria. They are the first all-electric M...
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