BorgWarner has received a $4.09 million (around €3.8 million) U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Award to design and develop a cost-effective, advanced DC fast charger, Sustainable Truck&Van reports. BorgWarner received one of 25 research, development and demonstration projects which aim to advance electrification, reduce vehicle emissions, and improve EV charging infrastructure.

BorgWarner will lead the 36-month DCFC (direct current fast charger) project in coordination with US-based suppliers and research partners, including Michigan State University, eTransEnergy, Cityfi, the State of Michigan, and Barton Marlow in addition to component supplier support from Wolfspeed, Inc. Kickoff of the project is slated for Q1 of 2022.

The project of the new fast charger to be developed by BorgWarner

The project’s purpose is to develop the next generation DCFC system at a 20-30% cost reduction with increased power density, reduced energy losses, decreased package size and improved reliability. Ultimately, the new technology will enable widespread adoption of similar chargers. BorgWarner and its project partners will be working toward delivering a charger with 10 charge points collectively capable of a total of 350 kW.

DCFCs allow for charging at a much faster rate than conventional Level 2 alternating current (AC) chargers with the same ease of accessibility. The DC power can be supplied directly to the vehicle’s battery, resulting in higher efficiency.


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