Dana Incorporated has earned the New Power Technology Award and the Achievement of the Year Award for its Spicer Electrified e-Powertrain at the 2021 Diesel Progress Summit and Awards, held this week.

The awards recognize Dana’s ability to provide a complete, fully integrated e-Powertrain to customers, including the electric drive system featuring Dana’s motor, inverter, gearbox, and thermal-management, as well as the high-voltage energy management system which includes software and controls, the charge control unit, high-voltage junction box, onboard charger, as well as other low-voltage auxiliary systems, Dana says.

The Diesel Progress Summit Awards are awarded to commercially available powertrains, with a focus on the dramatic changes that are being driven by emission regulations and advances in hybridization, electrification, and other technologies.  The New Power Technology Award specifically honors a supplier who has developed a component or technology in support of non-diesel applications, while the Achievement of the Year Award is given to the “best of the best” among the 2021 award winners, further setting Dana apart. 

“As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise, we are proud to provide our e-Powertrain systems, which include state-of-the-art technologies that deliver an efficient and robust solution to meet the growing demand across our end markets, while also leveraging our in-house integration capabilities that distinctively meet the needs of the industry’s diverse electric architectures,” said Christophe Dominiak, Dana senior vice president and chief technology officer.  “Being recognized with two awards from the organizers of the Diesel Progress Summit highlights our team’s dedication to delivering a complete e-Powertrain system that leverages the most advanced clean-technology solutions.


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