A manual ramp and an electrically operated ramp for access to buses: two devices in one single product. HÜBNER has developed a hybrid system that makes it easier for disabled persons to board buses. The new module combines an electric and a manual ramp in one unit.

The first 250 double ramps have been in use in Madrid since September 2021 in Solaris vehicles. The bus manufacturer has already placed orders for additional ramps, HÜBNER states. Articulated buses for urban transport in the Norwegian capital Oslo will be equipped with a total of 336 double ramps. Each of the 168 buses will have two of the double ramps – one at the front entrance and another at the rear. HTG will thus be producing 336 ramps in Kassel and has been making deliveries to Solaris since August 2022. In addition, the HÜBNER Group is supplying 168 gangway systems for the fleet in Oslo.

HÜBNER ramp electrically and manually operated

The most important benefit of the new double ramp is that “in the event of a breakdown in the automatic components, the driving personnel can use the manual folding ramp and continue operation without any limitations. Downtimes while waiting for the delivery of spare parts are also eliminated”, the group hihglights. 

A key advantage is that the cover of the ramp can be removed thanks to its specially designed frame. This makes it possible to have quick and easy access to the most important components of the electric ramp for maintenance purposes or if repairs are necessary.

In the course of the product development, a new mounting frame was developed and tested extensively by HTG. Two well-proven ramp models were brought together to serve as the basis for the new product – the electric ramp IL 2502 which is integrated in the bus chassis and the manual folding ramp HK Modular which is located at the same level as the vehicle floor.

Florian Klotz, Sales Manager for entry systems in the HÜBNER Group, highlights a particular USP: “Our advantage at HTG is that with our innovative entry systems we can offer solutions to customers that are clearly more flexible, more convenient and also more service-friendly than the competition.”


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