Inka’s new electric bus for the Indonesian market will feature Advanced Electric Machines’ sustainable motor technology.
Specifically, INKA will produce 26 electrified buses containing Advanced Electric Machines‘ unique electric motor technology: the prototype for the project has already been delivered to Inka from Advanced Electric Machines’ state-of-the-art facilities in Northeast England.

The Indonesian government in recent years has committed to electrifying its entire public transport fleet, with the goal of making the entire migration to electric by 2030. As INKA moves forward with its plans to launch electrified buses on a larger scale, Advanced Electric Machines is expected to continue to supply the manufacturer with its world-leading electric motor drive systems.

James Widmer, CEO and co-founder of Advanced Electric Machines, said, “The Indonesian government’s plans to electrify its bus fleet by 2030 are a clear signal of the country’s intention to achieve net zero emissions. Our unique and sustainable electric vehicle engines have an important role to play in the global journey toward this goal. Our collaboration with INKA to produce sustainable electrified buses in Indonesia is a key aspect of our ambitions to provide a cost-effective, higher-performance, and greener solution to our target sectors around the world.”


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