InoBat and Impact Clean Power Technology have signed an agreement for the development and subsequent supply of battery cells to Impact.

Utilising this prismatic battery cells, Impact will develop a high voltage battery system that will be manufactured in GigafactoryX in Poland (whose project has been recently released) for use “in an electric bus for a leading European manufacturer”. This is the formula used by the partners in the press note announcing the cooperation.

InoBat – Impact: battery testing during 2023

Research and development work will focus on the creation of an early prototype sample cell before conducting thorough component testing, mechanical, safety and performance testing during 2023. Further testing and certification would then be required with the aim, when the battery sample cells achieve the required specifications, would then be to commence production immediately.

Marian Bocek, Co-Founder and CEO of InoBat Auto commented: “Since our inception in 2019, Inobat has always taken a customer-centric approach providing tailor-made EV battery solutions for customers with longer range, longer lifecycle, higher energy density and faster charging time. We are delighted to be working with Impact to create a truly differentiated electric battery cell that meets the needs of their innovative battery systems as we both drive towards achieving our mutual goals to enable the transition towards zero-emissions transport.”

Bartłomiej Kras, President of the Management Board of Impact commented: “Our focus on innovative battery systems with bespoke parameters to provide a market advantage in every segment of our business are constantly developing with every generation of our solutions. We are ready to support global efforts towards a zero-emission economy and hence are extremely pleased to support a leading European battery manufacturer.”


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