Karsan is ready to open a spare parts warehouse in Nuremberg, Germany, in order to be able to send components to any point in Europe within 2 days.

Combining the forces with Barsan Global Logistics for on-site spare parts service, Karsan says it plans to multiply its operational power by taking advantage of Barsan’s warehouses and logistics network in 45 different countries in the future.

karsan spare parts germany

Electric bus parts in the spotlight

Thanks to the new facility, Karsan will reduce the lead time of spare parts, especially parts of its electric vehicles, to 2 days.

Deputy General Manager of Karsan Commercial Affairs, Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu said,“We continue to receive orders in significant quantities for both conventional and full electric models from Europe, which has started to recover after the Covid-19 outbreak. Accordingly, we have commissioned another important investment in order to strengthen our after-sales service network in Europe and to enable our dealers to respond the requests in a very short time. Based on our experience of more than 50 years, we know that after-sales customer support has a significant role in being preferred as well as brand reliability. Thanks to this structure will position us much closer to our customers than ever.”

karsan spare parts germany


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