The CO2 heating technology is an innovative system, which allows the reduction of emissions (alternatively the classic heating systems have an auxiliary heater that burns diesel fuel to heat the bus), and is mounted for example on electric buses Mercedes eCitaro. Konvekta is committed to this, saving 4,500 tons of CO2 for year. Electric heaters are real energy guzzlers: to generate one kWh of heating energy, the system burns 1.1 to 1.23 kWh of energy. Up to 50% of the energy available in the batteries is used for heating on cold days, according to Konvekta..

Cities must become cleaner and more sustainable, so harmful emissions from combustion engines, which put a strain on people and the environment, can only be significantly reduced by “New Mobility” in city centers.

Many public transport companies are already on the right track. However, in order to push this process further, binding minimum targets for low and zero-emission commercial vehicles are being applied to public procurement, particularly for buses in public transport. The goal is to achieve cleaner and more energy-efficient road vehicles to make cities nearly emission-free.

To meet the needs of local public transportation and to meet all requirements, modern transportation companies are banking on the electrification of their fleets. Hardly any transport company has not already procured or tested the first electric vehicles or even started the conversion.

Konvekta’s solution

CO2 heat pump systems are the innovative alternative. Thanks to the combination of know-how, experience and the choice of the natural refrigerant CO2, Konvekta CO2 systems achieve maximum efficiency. In the ideal case, these systems require only 0.21 kW of energy from the battery for 1 kW of heating power.
The system does not get up to 75% of the heat or cold required from the battery, but from the environment. This translates into savings of about 1,700 euros per year per vehicle and up to 4,800 kg of CO2, depending on the vehicle. If you now add up all vehicles with a Konvekta CO2 heat pump, the result is a total saving of about 4,500t CO2 for the year 2021.

Konvekta CO2 heat pump systems have been successfully available on the market as a series product since 2018. Already in use throughout Europe from Sweden to Great Britain to Italy, CO2 heating and air conditioning systems from the German company in Schwalmstadt demonstrate efficiency and economy every day. More than 1,300 buses and rail vehicles are currently in use with the alternative coolant More than 100 transport companies in over 40 countries use the systems in their bus fleets and are enthusiastic about them.


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