Finnish electric bus manufacturer Linkker announces the launch of LinkDrive retrofit kit, which enables the conversion of diesel buses to electric in order to allow faster transition to emission-free public transport.

First application will be realized in Singapore, where Linkker has recently delivered a LinkDrive conversion kit for MAN A22 with 177kWh battery and inverted charging connectivity solution. The batteries are mounted in the rear and on the roof. Estimated autonomy between charges is 130 km and full day operation requires two to three fast charging events.

linkker retrofit electric bus

Linkker retrofit kit for e-buses

The solution is based on Linkker’s Intelligent eMobility platform. The conversion kit has been designed for industrial scale conversion of existing fleets into emission free operation by local workshops, Linkker points out. The possibility to do the conversion in local workshops minimizes down time due to conversion work.

The main sub systems of LinkDrive conversion kit are traction system, battery system, power distribution unit, vehicle control system, charging connectivity system and driver’s work place upgrade. Suitable fleets for conversion are 5-7 year old vehicles that offer sufficient space for traction batteries in the rear and on the roof, the manufacturer points out.

Linkker claims that fast charging battery allows LinkDrive converted buses to operate even 24/7 with a daily mileage of up to 400 km with re-charging cycles of 2 to 20 minutes depending on charging power and charging frequency also in demanding traffic and weather conditions. Fast charging allows also 24 x 7 continuous operation without the bus returning to depot also in demanding traffic and weather conditions.


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