A group with a global coverage of 5 continents and about 7,000 employees all around the world, and 2,5 per cent of revenues invested in R&D. The tyre supplier Prometeon unveiled the first product range entirely developed by the company and focused on bus & coach sector. And by the end of the year the company announced it will launch a tyre entirely dedicated to electric vehicles (which will be Pirelli branded).


A tyre for electric buses coming soon

The new range has been presented in Milan on 26th March 2019. Gregorio Borgo, Prometeon chief operating officer, said “We are moving from a mono brand strategy a multi brand approach».

As the chief technical officer Alexandre Bregantim pointed out, “We have been focusing for two years on electric vehicles tyres. We are co-developing with OEM a next generation tyre dedicated to truck and buses with electric drives. Size will be 275». This tyre will be Pirelli branded.

Prometeon Anteo, six product lines

Anteo is coming with six product lines: three for on road use (Pro T, Pro D and Pro T), three for on-off road use (Mover M, Mover S and Mover D). The tyres are 100 per cent produced in Prometeon factories, with the same standard based on Pirelli branded tyres. As widely know, Prometeon uses technology under a license agreement with Pirelli Tyre. Now, for the first time, launches a tyre entirely developed by Prometeon.

prometeon anteo

Prometeon Anteo, the pillars for Prometeon European strategy

Marco Solari, Prometeon CEO Europe, outlined the company’s vision for the future, focusing on how Prometeon is working to remain competitive in a changing environment as the one of mobility: «We have three pillars for European strategy. First, to create an integrate offer of products and services to the end users, without differences among a country and another. Secondly, we want to build strong dealer network throughout Europe with our local partners. Third, for us is important to continuously update and improve the lineup to cover all market needs. Anteo allows us to cover a part of the market that was previously unreachable to us»


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