The first electric bus with solar technology debuts on the streets of Munich. Sono Motors and Pepper Motion have launched a Mercedes-Benz Citaro equipped with the Solar Bus Kit, containing 14 semi-flexible solar modules to provide about 1.3 kW peak to the 24-module 1.3 kW peak to the 24-volt system.

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Sono Motors powers a solar bus trailer in Munich

Thanks to Sono Motors, in cooperation with Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG), a solar bus trailer will be running on the streets of Munich, testing the energy yields and potential of the technology in daily operation. This will offer possible savings of up to 2,500 liters of diesel per year and an…

«We believe in a future where every vehicle is electric and solar. That is why we are convinced that our first e-bus with solar technology is a great achievement for the future of public transportation», commented Laurin Hahn, CEO and co-founder of Sono Motors. So the words of Andreas Hager, Ceo of Pepper Motion: «We at Pepper Motion are passionate about promoting mobility transformation in our society and Sono Motors is the ideal partner for us, as we share the same vision of a world without fossil fuels».

Sono Motors’ in-house developed solar charge controller transfers solar energy to the 24-volt battery, where it is used as the primary source of energy. The e-bus’s Dc/Dc charger takes over the power supply when solar power is not sufficient. This means that solar power is not used directly for driving but, rather, for powering the Hvac and other auxiliary systems. In this way, the high-voltage battery and Dc/Dc charger stress is reduced and could thus lead to longer hours of operation, fewer charging cycles, and reduced total cost of ownership.


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