Chinese energy technology company SVOLT launched a short-blade-based products, based on LFP, which is claimed to have a fast-charging capability of 2.2C to 5C. SVOLT says it’s the world’s first battery manufacturer to offer products of this type.

“SVOLT began marketing these cells at the beginning of 2022, but has now improved the technology even further, according to the company. BMW is one of the potential customers”, industry agency Electrive notes.

SVOLT launches short-blade-based products

“The combination of short blade and fast charge provides a more effective solution for the battery performance demands of PHEV and BEV”, SVOLT Chairman Yang Hongxin noted that as the trend shifts to high voltage products for electric vehicles, cell capacity is evolving towards 100~150Ah.

SVOLT has comprehensively updated its best-selling 62 Ah, 90 Ah and 117 Ah products, and the second-generation PHEV cells now offer improved performance and 2.2C fast-charging capability without cost increases. Their upgrade in 2024 will bring popular vehicle models into the era of fast charging and further strengthen SVOLT’s leading position in the PHEV market.

In addition, SVOLT has introduced the world’s first lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery with an extended range of more than 300 kilometres and the world’s first nickel manganese cobalt (NCM) battery for hybrid vehicles with a range of more than 350 kilometres. Besides this, the company has unveiled a NCM short-blade cell and the world’s first 800 V fast-charging cell for PHEVs.

Within the Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) segment, SVOLT is launching the L400 and L600 short-blade LFP fast-charging cells onto the market. “With capacities of 105 Ah, 130 Ah and 133 Ah and a charging rate of up to 5C, they fulfil various requirement scenarios. L600 short-blade fast-charging cells are to be upgraded for 3C to 4C scenarios, with mass production scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2024. L400 offering is expected to cover 4C and higher to meet the requirements of 800-volt high-voltage vehicles. Mass production is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2024”, SVOLT states.

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