A Chinese-built electric bus is bound to be offered on Irish road from next year, as the result of a project jointly developed with Harris Auto Group, which pointed out the specifications for the vehicle manufactured by Higer.

It’ll be named STEED, acronym for Sustainable Transport Electric Energy Delivered and will be equipped with CATL lithium-ion batteries. The news is reported on Bus & Coach Buyer magazine.

higer steed harris

CATL batteries for Higer STEED electric bus

On the STEED battery electric bus there will be room for 48 passengers (26 seated and 22 standing) on a flat floor accessible via a low-entry door. Kerb weight of the STEED is 8.5 ton. The bus lenght is not specified, but given the passenger capacity is should be around 8 meter.

The battery, mounted on the roof of the bus, will be charged through plug-in connectors. Harris Group says that the bus is equipped with «CATL Lithium Ion Batteries producing 174 Kw of power». it is unclear whether the number concerns the battery capacity (thus it should be kWh) or the power developed by the electric motor.

higer steed harris

In 2020 the STEED will be on Irish market

Chris Haughton, General Manager of Harris Group bus and coach division Harris Auto, said: “With the introduction of the STEED we have eliminated the last potential barriers for operators to transition to an EV bus fleet. This vehicle answers every question it is asked in relation to drivetrain efficiency, operational capability and passenger accessibility. We can also confirm that the STEED will be available at a price point which is significantly lower than equivalent EV-class vehicles enabling a total cost of ownership superior to diesel. We are proud to be working with Higer on bringing the STEED to the Irish market“.

higer steed harris


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