Bari (Italy) will soon receive its first 36 electric buses. The municipality has given the green light to the use of Next Generation EU funds for the purchase of 23 Iveco Bus E-Way 9.5-metre e-buses under an agreement with Consip, at a total cost of 13,1 million euro. At the same time, 13 10.5-metre buses were also purchased from Industria Italiana Autobus, at a total cost of nearly 7 million euros. The news is reported on Italian trade media Autobusweb (belonging to our same publisher).

In Puglia region, a total of 95 million euros are set to be used to push for a renewal of the public transport fleet and offer, also through the launch of a BRT line.

36 electric buses for Bari

“We will purchase 135 electric buses with Next Generation EU funds and we will make them available to the company that manages urban public transport and the city until 2026,” explained Mayor Decaro. “Just a few days after the publication of the tender for the new Brt (Bus Rapid Transit) infrastructure, we are proceeding with the purchase of the first electric buses that will serve the other public transport lines so as to have an almost totally zero-emission service in 2026. This is important for a city that has long set itself the goal of reducing polluting emissions into the atmosphere and at the same time making the public transport service efficient so as to be a real alternative to the use of the private car’.


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