BYD announces that it will deliver 100 e-bus chassis in São Paulo in early 2023. The company, with a factory in Brazil since 2015, has the capacity to produce 2,000 chassis per year.

On Busworld Latinamerica it is mentioned that “The mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes, announced the incorporation of 2,600 electric buses by the end of 2024. To meet the announced goal, the market estimates that R$ 8 billion will be needed, being about R$ 3 million per bus, plus the weighted unit cost of infrastructure and inclusion of technologies necessary for its operation. In the announcement made by Nunes, a partnership was closed with the energy provider ENEL, which will finance the acquisition of electric buses by the concessionaires that operate the municipal lines managed by SPTrans” 

In the city of São Paulo, BYD has 18 electric buses in daily operation since 2019 that have run more than 2.5 million kilometres. And it is worth highlighting the operation of the city of Brasilia, where 8 BYD electric buses are in operation.

BYD has a structured and dedicated after-sales and maintenance department in Brazil. BYD has its own battery factory in Manaus, the production of iron-lithium-phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) is totally done there, the group says. The factory has the capacity to make up to a thousand batteries a year.

“BYD has 70,000 buses running worldwide, highlights being the 1,500 buses in operation in Chile and Colombia,” says Marcello Schneider, institutional director and head of BYD Brazil’s electric bus division.

He adds: “We are increasing our production in line with the São Paulo City Hall’s Target Programme, which provides for the replacement of the diesel bus fleet with electric ones. We have managed to meet this in a short period of time. Our buses have already travelled more than 2.5 million km in the city. We are more than tested and with great performance”.


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