Spokane Transit adds 12 Xcelsior CHARGE electric buses for operations in Washington State.

The operator unveiled in late March its first 60-foot (18-meter), five-door zero-emission Xcelsior CHARGE City Line bus, as part of a contract that the manufacturer New Flyer won in June 2020. The contract was for ten 60-foot and two 40-foot Xcelsior CHARGE battery-electric heavy-duty transit buses. A procurement for 12 e-buses in total, then.

spokane brt electric bus

A BRT in Spokane, with electric buses

STA is the public transit authority serving the Spokane, Washington, region and providing more than 10 million annual rides through transit. The Xcelsior CHARGE bus is the first of ten City Line buses that will operate along STA’s new six mile Bus Rapid Transit route serving the downtown area through to Spokane Community College, aimed at revitalizing mobility and economic development while building STA branding through recognizable BRT vehicles.

The high-capacity 60-foot buses are configured with New Flyer’s SmartRider smart suspension system, and interior bike racks for ease of passenger exit and entry. To date, New Flyer remains the only manufacturer offering five door configurations.

The order for 12 zero-emission buses delivers on STA’s commitment to sustainable mobility through its 10-year plan, STA Moving Forward, aimed at providing better transit service and including construction of a dedicated BRT route, complete with zero-emission buses and infrastructure that will provide long-term benefits of cleaner air and quieter transportation.

STA moving to sustainable future

“STA is moving quickly toward a sustainable future. We have innovated alongside STA for over 20 years, and today we shift toward zero-emission buses with five-door entry and exit capability,” said Chris Stoddart, President, New Flyer and MCI. “STA can offer ADA accessible boarding at every door, and will leverage our SmartRider technology for intelligent leveling of the bus. In addition, the BRT buses can support multimodal journeys through multiple interior bike racks. As Spokane grows, we will continue providing efficient and clean mobility that not only improves air quality but also enhances the passenger experience and builds more livable communities.”

“Our partners at New Flyer have developed a sleek, modern and customer-centric vehicle that also achieves our industry’s environmental objectives of transitioning to zero-emission buses,” said Brandon Rapez-Betty, STA’s Director of Communications and Customer Service. “As the marquee feature of Spokane’s first Bus Rapid Transit route, the City Line, we’ve worked together with New Flyer to build a distinct brand experience, both exterior and interior, to appeal to the broadest audience of transit users we can. We look forward to introducing the City Line in 2022 as we begin to rebuild ridership in the post-pandemic era.”


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