Budapest has plans to deploy 50 new e-buses, as a new procurement has just been launched. Budapest tram fleet is also being renewed: BKK and the Municipality of Budapest, as part of the Széchenyi Plan Plus programme, have purchased 51 new vehicles, of the Urbos 3 type built by the Spanish CAF, which will also provide spare parts and additional services. 

What is also worth noticing, Solaris and Skoda have won a tender in late 2021 and will provide 48 new trolleybuses in the Hungarian capital city.

50 electric buses for Budapest

The Center for Budapest Transport (BKK) has issued a tender for 50 12-meter electric solo buses complying with EU standards for use in Hungary. The media Hungary Today highlights that the tender “includes not only the operation but also the maintenance of the vehicles, the employment of drivers, and even the construction and maintenance of the charging infrastructure”.

Still the local media highlights that “The Center for Budapest Transport revealed that in order to replace the service contracts for the operation of 240 buses that are scheduled to expire from 2025, the center launched three public procurement procedures in September for the first round of service contracts for the operation of 100 articulated and 50 solo buses. The tenders for the remaining 40 buses are scheduled to be launched later this year”


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