Norway, Vy Buss has taken delivery of its first 15 BYD battery-electric buses. This initial delivery represents the start of a major fleet renewal programme comprising 55 BYD eBuses. What is interesting is that this supply features eight 13-metre Class II models and seven 18-metre articulated units.

byd Class II eBus
source: Vy Buss

Vy Buss, first customer of BYD Class II eBus

Vy Buss thus becomes BYD’s first customer to take delivery of the latest Class II 13-metre model variant, which benefits from an upgraded battery to deliver extended range and ‘city-to-city’ capability, the producer points out. Also thanks to pantograph capability. For passengers, a new and highly efficient CO2 air conditioning system further reduces energy consumption, particularly in cold temperatures, delivering increased range and further reducing harmful emissions. Vy Buss has also taken delivery of BYD’s 18-metre articulated eBus model.

byd Class II eBus
source: Vy Buss

BYD Class II eBus immediately into service

The contract, confirmed last October, represents one of the largest single orders from a European public transport operator. The official handover yesterday in Haugalandet was attended by Ole Engebret Moe Haugen, CEO at Vy Buss and Arild Nylend, Area Director at Vy Buss. The vehicles went into service immediately on intensive operations in Haugesund city-center, on routes 201 and 202.

Introducing BYD Class II eBus, for the first time

“We’re delighted to be introducing BYD’s Class II 13-metre eBus into our fleet,” said Ole Engebret Haugen, CEO at Vy Buss, “Together, we create a more sustainable environment and increase the safety of passengers and other road users. This is good news for Vy Buss and it’s good news for our clients.”

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe, said, “I mentioned in October last year that this was an important time in the history of BYD in Europe. Little did I know then that the coronavirus pandemic would make this delivery even more significant. Here we are today,” he said, “having delivered our latest eBuses to Vy Buss right on time and supporting customers elsewhere in the Public Transport sector through the health emergency.”

byd Class II eBus
source: Vy Buss


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