The Canadian government is investing in the electrification of Saskatoon’s bus fleet, announcing $420,000 in funding to plan for the electrification of Saskatoon Transit’s bus fleet. Through this investment, Saskatoon Transit will create a five-step strategy that will examine costs, assess risks and benefits, and identify the infrastructure and internal resources needed to transition to a low-carbon fleet. This plan will guide the city of Saskatoon’s efforts to achieve the goal of electrifying the entire fleet.

Central to this project is the role of Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC)
Josipa Petrunić, President & CEO, CUTRIC said: «At CUTRIC, we know that sustainability is a continuous journey. We are committed to taking significant strides toward a net zero future, and our collaborative effort with the City of Saskatoon and Saskatoon Transit is a testament to that. This project is not just about modernizing fleets; it’s about taking responsibility for the future of our communities and the health and well-being of our citizens. We’re proud to be part of history in Saskatchewan».

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