Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) is working to build a decarbonized bus fleet, after having stopped in 2012 to buy diesel buses, replaced with Cng vehicles. This autumn a tender will be open for adding 10 electric buses to the present fleet. At the moment the authority is seeking funding. The delivery of the electric buses should be scheduled in 2019 or 2020.

From diesel to Cng to electric

It was 2012 when COTA decided not to buy diesel buses anymore. Up to now, as reported on the local media, 150 of 322 fleet buses has been replaced with Cng buses. In service there are also six gas-electric hybrids. To date, more than 20 transit agencies have adopted electric buses in the States.

COTA looking for grants to buy electric buses

Now time has come, COTA must have thought, to begin the transition to full electric buses. To this end, COTA has achieved the authorization by trustees and applied for a grant under a low-emissions program from the Federal Transit Administration. Since the investment is expected to require about 8.3 million dollars, the authority is is looking for other grant sources, including Volkswagen’s settlement over its “diesel-gate”.

Ohio, electric buses delivery between 2019 – 2020

Moreover, the agency is adding 2 million dollars in electric vehicle charging stations. For the electric buses, COTA wants to seek bids for a supplier this autumn and to receive board approval for the purchase by the end of the year. The transit authority expects delivery of the zero emission buses in 2019 or 2020.


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