Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal announces plans to introduce 1,900 electric buses on the city’s roads by the close of this year, with a grander vision of reaching 8,000 electric buses by the end of 2025. In the meanwhile, 500 Tata e-buses have been rolled out for Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), with their official launch taking place on 14th December.

The transition to e-mobility in the public transport sector is gaining pace in the country: tenders for a total of 50 thousand electric city buses are on the horizon.

Delhi focus on electric buses, with Tata

Tata Motors is set to deliver as many as 1,500 electric buses, belonging to the Tata Starbus EV model, boast a length of 12 meters. The contractual agreement spans twelve years, encompassing not only the delivery of buses but also their maintenance.

The electric buses are slated to replace predominantly CNG buses, approximately numbering 7,300, which the DTC acknowledges as prone to frequent breakdowns.

Delhi currently has a fleet of about 7,300 operational CNG public transport buses, The Times of India notes.


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