New Flyer announces that the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority, operating as EMBARK, has awarded New Flyer a contract for one battery-electric, thirty five-foot (10.6-meter) Xcelsior CHARGE transit bus.

The zero-emission bus will be operated by EMBARK providing transit service to the Greater Oklahoma City metro. The transit agency, which is the largest in the state of Oklahoma, delivers over 3 million passenger trips per year and has set in 2016 the commitment to replace its entire fleet with compressed natural gas or electric buses by 2025.

new flyer embark

A purchase supported by FTA

The purchase is supported by Federal Transit Administration funds. In recent years, Oklahoma has emerged a leader in electric vehicle adoption, supported by the Central Oklahoma Clean Cities (COKCC) coalition and its stakeholders, New Flyer points out in a press release. The collective effort developed a foundation for mass expansion of electrification happening in the state today, including zero-emission bus adoption.

“As EMBARK makes its first leap to zero-emission buses, New Flyer will be there to support its evolution to sustainable buses, technology, and infrastructure that keeps Central Oklahoma moving,” said Chris Stoddart, President, New Flyer. “We’re proud to work with EMBARK and to expand the sustainable transit footprint in the Southern U.S.”

“We look forward to introducing the New Flyer’s Xcelsior CHARGE bus to our community. Since 2016, we have been transitioning our fleet to low and no emission buses. This zero-emission bus will help keep our air cleaner, provide quieter transit experience, a healthier environment and more livable Central Oklahoma,” said Jason Ferbrache, EMBARK’s Director.


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