Higher ‘last mile’ shuttle solution was on display at Busworld, within the company stand featuring also the 9-meter Higher Azure 9 and the premiere of the Fencer F1 12-meter bus. Named Azure 7, the small shuttle represents an extension of Higer’s Azure series.

The Azure 7 exhibited in Brussels this time is a new product customized and developed by Higer to meet the needs of European market, as the Chinese company stresses. One of the most recommended application is the connection of distribution points such as communities, schools, hospitals, commercial centers and rail transit hubs.

The 7-meter bus features a maximum capacity of 40 passengers.

Higer Azure 7 showed at Busworld

“The air conditioner battery cover on the roof is designed in an integrated way and it is smooth and simple, complementing the “cute” design of the whole vehicle. The large side window provides a wide vision, not only ensuring the daylighting in the bus but also providing passengers with a better view”, Higer states.

The Higer Azure 7 is equipped with CATL battery and integrated electric drive system to achieve sufficient driving range and solve customers’ driving anxiety about small and medium-sized buses.

higer azure 7

Its front independent suspension, rear integrated coaxial electric drive axle and single/double-door platform design are all at the leading level of products in the same size, manufacturer claims. In particular, the front independent suspension is equipped with ECAS II system.

Higer Azure 7 is equipped with a new generation of intelligent bus instruments and drive modules to form the CAN bus system of the whole bus. It is equipped with a CAN gateway to improve communication quality; it is configured with T-BOX background data transmission, and the cloud platform monitors the health status of the vehicle in real time.


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