Karsan had previously delivered electric vehicles to many cities in Romania and signed high-volume contracts, such as the 56 units headed to Timişoara and Braşov. The Turkish manufacturer recently won the electric vehicle bid for the Deva City: 22 units of e-JEST and 4 units of e-ATAK are planned to be delivered to the city in the second half of 2022 and they will be the first electric vehicles of Deva Municipality. With this bid, Karsan’s electric vehicle sales throughout Romania has reached 158 units.

Karsan will provide 22 units of 6-meter-long e-JEST and 4 units of 8 meters long e-ATAK models of its electric vehicle family to Deva City. Karsan had previously provided diesel-powered JEST models to Deva Municipality and now plans to deliver its new electric vehicles in the middle of 2022. In this scope, commissioning a total of 26 zero-emission e-JEST and e-ATAK vehicles for urban use in Deva City is planned for the middle of 2022.

Karsan, e-Atak and e-Jest for Romania

Atak Electric comes with brand-new and dynamic front and rear lines, and creates a striking look with its LED daytime running lamps. The motor at the heart of the Atak Electric vehicle generates 230 kW engine power and 2.500 Nm torque, providing users with a high performance driving experience. Running on a total 220 kWh capacity with five 44-kWh batteries developed by BMW, the 8-meter Atak Electric is said to boast a 300 km range. The vehicle’s batteries can be charged in 5 hours with AC charging, and in 3 hours with fast-charging units. A regenerative braking system also recycles power which enables the batteries to self-recharge up to 25%. The model comes with two seating layout options, 18+4 or 21+4 foldable for a capacity of 52 passengers.

The Jest Electric is equipped with a BMW electric motor producing 170 HP power and 290 Nm torque with optional 44 or 88 kWh batteries again made possible by BMW. The range stated by Karsan is up to 210 km, also thanks to a regenerative braking system which provides energy recovery by enabling the batteries to self-recharge at a rate of 25%. The e-bus is decorated with a 10.1-inch multimedia touchscreen, fully digital dashboard, keyless go, and USB ports as well as an optional WiFi compatible infrastructure. 


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