Karsan attended EcoFest Athens 2020 with the Jest Electric and delivered the vehicles to the West Attica University in Greece. The event, themed around sustainable development, was jointly held by the DEPA company and the Municipality of Athens.

karsan jest electric

Karsan Jest Electric at EcoFest Athens 2020

Equipped with the BMW i battery technology and running on European roads, Jest Electric stood out for being the only electric public transportation vehicle at the event where the focus was on eco-mobility to have more eco-friendly cities. At the fair, representatives from municipalities and public institutions, particularly the Greek Ministers of Education and Energy, had a close-up look at Jest Electric and the novelties it brings to the table. The vehicle has recently been delivered to the West Attica University in Greece.

With its Jest Electric vehicle, Karsan was the only manufacturer of public transportation vehicles at the event attended by various municipalities  where eco-mobility and the future of eco-cities were discussed.

Karsan Jest Electric for West Attica University in Greece

Niki Kerameos, Greek Minister of Education, and Gerasimos Thomas, Greek Minister of Energy, had a test drive at EcoFest where Karsan showcased its Jest Electric vehicle, recently delivered to West Attica University in Greece.

Giorgos Marinakis, Mayor of Rethumno city located on Crete, emphasized the advantages of operating Jest Electric vehicles, which had previously been purchased by them, for public transport operations in Rethumno.


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