An electric low floor midi/minibus built in order to meet paratransit (transit of physically challenged persons), transit and urban requirements and able to travel 150 miles (240 km) on a single charge. It’s the project of Lion Electric (Lion), innovative company that recently unveiled its new vehicle, named eLionM. Indeed, the company is expanding its portfolio beyond electric school buses.

lion electric elionm electric bus

Lion Electric, the new project launched at Movin’On

The Lion Electric Co. took occasion of the Movin’On event 2018, in Canada, to reveal its brand new project, manufactured in the company plant in Quebec. The eLionM features the integrated “Bi-Fold” access ramp and kneeling system, in order to meet the needs of people in wheelchair. The 149 kW electric drive can carry up to 22 passengers and will be offered with two battery options, 80 or 160 kWh for a range 120 km or 240 km per charge respectively. A 19.2 kW charger is embedded while a fast DC charge (SAE-Combo) is available as an option. The eLionM also features battery swapping with the packs coming from LG Chem.

eLionM by Lion Electric, ready for this summer

The eLionM electric minibus will become available in North America this summer. Furthermore, the Canadians want to launch their LionA around the same time. It is an electric minibus designed to meet school transport requirements. Lion Electric makes its own chassis, battery packs and body, that is not so common in this category.

lion electric elionm electric bus

Lion Electric started to take pre-orders

“The launch of this new vehicle represents a major achievement for Lion, our society and our environment,“ mentioned Marc Bedard, Founder and CEO at Lion. “The will serve so many purposes that we already nicknamed it our “Swiss Army Knife”! This 160 kWh vehicle is one of a kind and is not a retrofit; it’s a custom-built, zero-emission and energy efficient solution specifically built with transportation operators and agencies in mind.” Peter Rego, Lion’s Chief Commercial Officer USA, also stated that “we already started taking pre-orders and are excited to continue to demonstrate our commitment to cleaner air, a healthy population and a greener planet with this new vehicle. We just completed the biggest deployment of all-electric school buses in the USA and it’s clearly just the beginning.”

Electric truck by Lion Electric are coming

Not only buses: Lion will also start manufacturing a new complete line of all-electric trucks in 2019, leveraging the technologies developed over the last eight years and specifically looking at specialty medium to heavy-duty urban trucks (classes 5 to 8). The vehicles will range from ambulances, service trucks, cranes and delivery trucks.


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