KVG Kieler Verkehrsgesellschaft (KVG), the main public bus operator in the far-northern coastal city of Kiel, is set to become the first operator in Germany to take delivery of new Mellor Sigma electric buses. The operator has specified three Sigma 7s that are set to be delivered in March 2023.

The Sigma 7 electric buses, which have been designed to meet KVG’s latest specifications, are compact in size, making them perfect for use on Kiel’s narrowest streets. The electric buses will be supplied in partnership with Mellor’s regional sales and service partner, Jebsen & Jessen.

The Sigma 7 is part of the six-model Sigma range that Mellor offers. The Sigma 7 is the most compact bus in the range, with capacity of up to 31 passengers in just 7m of length.

Mellor e-buses and training for bus operators

Mellor and Jebsen & Jessen have worked closely with KVG to ensure that the configuration of the Sigma buses meets the operator’s specific use requirements. This has included a training course for the bus operators on one of Mellor’s demonstration vehicles prior to the delivery of the brand new buses.

The KVG Sigma 7 is configured to seat 14 passengers with one wheelchair space, and is fitted with Mellor’s cold climate adaptations to cope with Kiel’s chilly winters. This includes a more powerful driver and saloon HVAC system, as well as a battery thermal pre-conditioning system that maximizes the driving range on colder days.

“It is a pleasure to work with JJ e-Mobility & KVG Kiel to bring Sigma 7 to Germany – yet another landmark moment for the Mellor brand, which is expanding internationally,” said Gustavo Marqueta, Group Business Development Director at Mellor (WN VTech Group). “The operator’s use case is exactly the reason why Sigma exists – a size-appropriate design that offers a low total cost of ownership but is packaged as a ground-up electric bus. We’re grateful for the confidence KVG has put into us and our Sigma product range and we look forward to seeing the buses in fee earning service.”


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