New Flyer and MCI have been named as ZEB partner of choice by nine major transit agencies across America for the FTA’s 2021 Low-No program grants. The two NFI subsidiaries supported successful customer applications for over $40 million in FTA grants, NFI’s best Low-No performance ever in the six years of the program.

Following the FTA Notice of Funding Opportunity published February 11, 2021, with grant awards announced June 25, 2021, NFI supported the successful applications for over $40 million in grants awarded to nine U.S. public transit agencies and was specifically the named partner for the agency receiving the largest award in 2021 of $7.4 million for 10 ZEBs.

NFI’s role in FTA’s 2021 Low-No program grants

Grant funds will support the procurement of ZEB’s and the associated charging infrastructure from NFI. In addition, at least $60 million of Low-No awards were made to additional U.S. public transit agencies that have not yet named a specific ZEB partner and where NFI will now compete for the contracts, NFI points out in a press note.

Introduced in 2015, with the first disbursements in 2016, the FTA Low-No Grant Program is a competitive application process, and exists to support the nation’s transition to low- and zero- emission fleets. Funding can be used to purchase or lease low- and zero-emission buses, including acquisition, construction, and leasing of the necessary charging infrastructure and facilities. The FTA has now awarded U.S. public transit agencies Low-No grants to procure NFI buses and charging infrastructure for six consecutive years.

“The evolution to zero-emission mobility, or what NFI calls the ZEvolution, begins with public transit, and today’s announcement further demonstrates NFI’s leadership in this market” said NFI’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Paul Soubry. “Together with agencies across America, we continue to drive forward zero-emission, clean and accessible mobility. Our integrated offering of zero-emission buses, infrastructure and connected technology has helped NFI create a strong solution to meet customers’ needs and we are proud to be selected as the partner of choice by such a large number of leading U.S. transit agencies driving our best showing ever with the FTA Low-No Grant Program.”


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