Nova Bus announces it has been awarded a 5-year contract for up to 53 LFSe+, the 40’ (12-meter) battery electric bus model, by the Canadian City of Regina, Saskatchewan. The first 7 buses are scheduled to be delivered in 2025, Nova Bus states, with up to 46 buses in option for the remainder of the contract. In March 2023 Nova Bus secured in Canada the largest-ever order of electric buses in North America.

In June 2023 Nova Bus (belonging to Volvo) announced plans to stop bus production in the US market, shifting focus on the Canadian market. Its Plattsburgh manufacturing and delivery facility are set to end operations by 2025. Production in North America will then be focused to Nova Bus’ Canadian facilities located in Saint-Eustache and Saint-François-du-Lac (Quebec).

Nova Bus to deliver e-buses in Regina, Canada

The City of Regina’s Energy and Sustainability Framework has selected battery electric as its preferred technology for the transit’s fleet. Regina Transit is therefore committed to purchasing only battery electric models as of 2024, resulting in a gradual replacement of the fleet with alternative technology vehicles by 2040.

“These will be the first battery-electric buses in Regina Transit’s fleet,” said Brad Bells, Director of Transit & Fleet with the City of Regina. “The addition of these electric buses will support the City of Regina’s goal of becoming a 100% renewable city by 2050 and is in line with our Energy and Sustainability Framework.”

“We are proud to have accompanied Regina Transit in its transition to electromobility, first with our hybrid bus model and now with the all-electric LFSe+,” said Ralph Acs, President of Nova Bus. “We strongly believe transit agencies and cities such as Regina are paving the way for the success of this important transition to clean transportation, which will support our collective efforts to reduce GHG emissions. We are very happy to be part of the solution at Nova Bus and to support all our clients in this transition.”


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