Milwaukee County Transit System has launched its first battery-electric bus (together with a new brand identity for the BRT). Passenger service is to begin in June 2023. The vehicle is the Nova Bus LFSe+, the very first ordered in the US. 15 units will be supplied in total.

The new BRT brand is called “MCTS CONNECT,” specifically designed for the battery electric buses (BEBs) used on this BRT route.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says that “The East-West BRT system is a nine-mile project that will connect downtown Milwaukee, the near west side, Marquette University, Wauwatosa and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center. Construction has begun on the project. The project is expected to average 9,500 weekday riders by 2035 and increase overall transit ridership in the corridor by 17%, MCTS said. Along the route are nine colleges and universities; eight high schools; 47,000 residents; 120,000 jobs; over 100 businesses; seven medical facilities; and 25 hotels”.

MCTS unveils a new brand identity

What about the brand identity? “The BEBs feature a sleek new look to highlight their advanced technology. The light blue color scheme is a natural extension of the existing MCTS blue, and a larger than life “C” logo and the phrase “Clean Energy. Clean Air.” further distinguishes the brand. The name CONNECT fits MCTS’s mission to connect the community to jobs, education and life via essential transit services. The graphic elements connote rapid movement, and the reflective decals are eye-catching at night”, MCTS explains.

MCTS Interim President and Managing Director Denise Wandke, comments: “The quest to bring the East-West Bus Rapid Transit System to Milwaukee began years ago. Many stakeholders played a vital role in making the idea a reality for our community,” said Wandke. “We can’t wait to share the fruits of all this labor when CONNECT begins next year.”

Maintenance Director Ron McCorkel, adds: “We put thousands of hours into the project, really challenging ourselves to give riders a great experience. This has been a very exciting project for everyone involved, both inside and outside of MCTS.”


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