The commitment of Tper Spa, which has long embraced the challenge of energy transition, is being renewed: fleet modernization is proceeding apace, in the name of “energy mix.” Today was once again electric day: in the Piazza Maggiore arcade, in fact, the operator welcomed two battery-powered midibuses, complete with a bottom-up pantograph charging system, as part of a total delivery of 11 units: five with pantographs and six with plug-in charging systems. These are Rampini‘s Eltron, which will be used on a rotating basis on shuttle lines that run central routes and on connections between the historic center and hilly areas of the city, lines that due to road characteristics require smaller vehicles.

Having completed the registration procedures, the first 4 Eltrons with pantographs will enter service in the coming days. These first buses will be followed by 7 more, scheduled for delivery by spring 2025.

Rampini Eltron for Tper Bologna, in detail

The Rampini Eltron is a battery-powered, fully low-floor electric vehicle that features three doors in the Tper version. With a length of 8 meters and a width of only 2.20 meters, it offers a turning radius of only 14.8 meters, ideal for untangling in the city center.

The arrangement of the battery modules and most of the electrical components on the vehicle’s roof frees up space inside the vehicle, which can accommodate up to 48 passengers in comfort and safety, proving that compactness does not compromise cargo capacity.

The Eltron also has full air conditioning and is equipped with a manual ramp to allow access for people with reduced mobility in wheelchairs.

Rampini Eltron, the advantages of the pantograph

The Eltrons delivered to Tper represent a unique concept: they involve, precisely, the presence of bottom-up type rooftop pantograph (with lifting mechanism at the charging points) for DC power supply. In alternative, it remains possible to recharge the vehicles through the socket that meets the CCS2 universal standard positioned on the rear right side of the vehicle.

Recharging takes place in direct current for power up to 100 kW, which guarantees a complete ‘full’ battery within two hours. Twenty minutes are sufficient, if necessary, to carry out a so-called ‘bottle’ recharge, i.e., capable of partially recharging the batteries to enable the continuation of a long tpl operation.

Another element of originality of the new Eltrons delivered to Bologna is the use of ground converter integrated with the charging station (and not on board the bus), which makes it possible to reduce the masses of the vehicle and consequently increase the maximum number of passengers that can be transported, with positive service spin-offs for Tper and comfort for users.

The buses are equipped with six new-generation battery modules totaling 210 kWh, in a configuration with reduced capacity compared to the standard equipment, which on the pantograph-free Eltron is 280 kWh.

The presence of pantograph for fast charging, after all, results in a reduced need for storage, precisely because of the greater ease and speed expected from charging procedures. The batteries are governed by a Battery management system (Bms) developed in-house by Rampini. The Bms is the technology that monitors, controls and protects the batteries through the use of algorithms and data collection with the aim of ensuring maximum efficiency and lifetime. The storage system is complemented by a liquid thermal management system, which can maintain the batteries at the temperature of best use in both summer and winter by cooling or heating the liquid.

Tper and Rampini, protagonists speaks

In the words of Giuseppina Gualtieri, President and CEO of Tper SpA, the commitment of a company focused on eco-sustainability in every area of service: “The vehicles presented today confirm the path of fleet renewal with vehicles of all sizes to decarbonize the entire urban service with a 2030 horizon. In concert with the institutions, we are working to profitably employ the public funds available, as well as important portions of self-financing corporate resources. Our users show us their approval with each insertion of new buses, which are increasingly environmentally friendly, comfortable and cutting-edge in every respect; we are confident that these new Rampini Eltron buses will also meet with the approval of those who use the buses daily for their trips around the city”.

“We are honored to be able to contribute to Tper’s energy transition journey with our Eltrons specially designed to meet the specific needs of the city of Bologna: in fact, these are the first Eltrons equipped with pantographs. Today’s delivery, as part of a larger supply of 11 vehicles, represents an important milestone for us and underscores our renewed collaboration with Tper, which over the years has proven to be a partner of excellence”, said Caterina Rampini, CEO and Vice President of Rampini SpA.


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