Solaris has just signed a contract with operator PKM Jaworzno for the supply of 6 Solaris Urbino 18 electric buses. The vehicles will hit the streets of Jaworzno within one year of the contract being signed.

Back in 2015, Jaworzno was the first town in Poland to put an e-bus, the Solaris Urbino 12 electric, into operation. Taking into account the latest order, electric vehicles will make up 80% of the operator’s fleet.

Solaris Bus & Coach – PKM Jaworzno

This time, the buses will be equipped with Solaris High Energy batteries boasting a total capacity of over 280 kWh, and at the heart of the drive will be an electric axle. Just as with the vehicles already used by the operator, the new buses will be charged both by means of pantograph chargers and conventional charging sockets. The operator also has opted for hybrid heating.

Solaris and PKM Jaworzno have been continuously collaborating for 20 years. Jaworzno is not the only Polish town to be investing in the development of environmentally friendly public transport. Up until now, nearly 600 e-buses have been ordered by domestic operators, with over 400 units already having been delivered. Orders placed by Polish operators account for almost 40% of all electric contracts signed by Solaris. According to a report published by the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) entitled “How to support e-mobility”, by 2025, Poland will have the third-biggest fleet of electric buses in Europe. 

Emission-free vehicles and the transformation of public transport

“We are truly proud to observe such towns as Jaworzno that, by setting an example, have been consistently showing that e-mobility is the right direction. This new order for electric Solaris bus models, placed by the operator, is the best proof of the satisfactory performance of our e-buses and the positive experiences it had over many years of their operation”, said Petros Spinaris, member of the Management Board of Solaris for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, who was also present at the contract signing.

Emission-free vehicles are a natural phase in the transformation of public transport. We all need solutions to be as green as possible. E-mobility, which has demonstrated its technological effectiveness over many years, is one of them. I am really glad not only to be the pioneer in Poland when it comes to operating an electric fleet, but also to be able to transform the fleet successfully as this change is expected by passengers, is beneficial for the environment and ensures Jaworzno‘s status as a modern town”, says Zbigniew Nosal, CEO of PKM Jaworzno.


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