Temsa has won the electric vehicle tender held in Lithuania’s city of Druskininkai. 9 MD9 electriCity, which have been signed with the Municipality of Druskininkai, will be on their way to serve in the city’s public transportation operations.

Hakan Koralp, Temsa’s Chief of Sales & Marketing Officer, emphasized that TEMSA has started to become more dominant in the European market with its electric vehicles, and added, “Lithuania is one of the vital countries for us. We have so far delivered more than 165 vehicles. And we are now very happy to set an example for the ‘smart cities’ vision with our electric vehicles. Druskininkai is one of the exemplary cities, with its innovative and environmentalist activities. Our negotiations for a further 25-piece electric vehicle project for the forthcoming period are ongoing. We are reinforcing our position in the region by increasing the number of our vehicles through new contracts.” 


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