Temsa introduced its electrical bus MD9 electriCITY in Spain where electrical vehicle transformation is accelerated. Within the scope of the demo program organized under the leadership of Alsa, Spain’s largest operator company, the
electric bus, which will serve on the lines in the city of Murcia for a month, received full marks from the operator and passengers in the first test drive. In the region, where electric transformation projects are accelerated with the goal of
zero emission, it is aimed to increase the fleet of electric vehicles in 2022.

Focusing on the electrical vehicle segment in the European market, Temsa continues to lead the transformation of intercity transportation. Recently, Temsa promoted its MD9 electriCITY model in Murcia. Demo rides, which were held with the participation of the Mayor of Murcia, Head of Transportation and the Director of Mobility Systems, received full marks from the major operators participating in the program.

Spain is on a fast-track with electrical transformation

Europe has been going through an era of rapid transformation with electrical vehicles and, last year, Spain announced launch of a billion-dollar investment package for production of electrical cars. The city, which accelerated its investments in electric buses within the scope of the large electricity transformation projects planned in the near future by leading environmental transformations, used its priority in favor of Temsa. The demo program was launched for offering a pilot experience to encourage zero emission intercity transportation, and MD9 electriCITY will be a part of the new Alcantarilla-Murcia, used by 14 thousand people, for one month.

Stands out with quiet ride and comfortable driving experience

MD9 electriCITY successfully completed the test drive in the region and, according to the feedback received; quiet ride experience is one of its most outstanding features of the bus. Other aspects of the electric bus, such as the operator’s wide field of vision and functional seating plan, were also featured in the demo program and the vehicle was
appreciated for the overall design and performance, driving comfort, range values, safety, long battery life and cost advantages.
MD9 elecriCITY offers an accessible and safe transportation solution with equipment complying with the European Union regulations as well as passenger information system equipment integrated with the transportation system, and since the programmable regeneration feature generates electricity during the bus’ route, the vehicle can maximize its battery capacity. MD9 electriCITY has a high passenger capacity up to 30 + 2 passengers, 3 different charging options and it can be fully charged in 2 hours. The 9-meter long environment-friendly bus has zero carbon emission and its
quiet, comfortable ride and high performance are products of the state-of-the-art technology.

Demo programs to expand all over Europe

Hakan Koralp, the Chief of Sales and Marketing Officer of Temsa, commented: «Last year, we started electrical bus mobilization in Europe and nearby countries, it is possible to say that the transformation will gain momentum in the coming period within the framework of the ‘Smart cities’ vision, which is the main agenda item after the Green
Deal. At this point, we are very pleased to see that Temsa is one of the leading players in this process. We are very proud of having a pilot role in the transformation of public transportation in Spain, the second largest automobile manufacturer in Europe. We offer test drives at a number of locations and these are key elements of offering one-to-one experience to the operators and processing feedback directly. Therefore, we are going to focus on this journey in 2022. Our programs will soon expand to all European countries».


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