Ten electric Solaris Urbino 12 buses will reinforce the fleet of Hamburg public transport operator Hochbahn. In line with the agreement two of the commissioned vehicles shall be supplied in autumn this year. The remaining ones will be handed over in September 2019.

electric bus solaris urbino hamburg

Hamburg going to buy only ebuses

The Senate of Hamburg has decided that, as of 2020, all buses bought by local carriers should be electric zero-emission vehicles. Thus the latest order for the battery buses Solaris Urbino 12 electric converges with the city hall’s policy and constitutes a milestone on its path to building an eco-friendly bus fleet. The ordered 12-metre vehicles will carry up to 70 passengers, of whom 25 can be seated. The buses will be recharged at the bus depot, using a plug-in charger. The vehicles shall feature Solaris High Energy batteries boasting a total capacity of 240 kWh. An axle with integrated electric motors (the Ave130 manufactured by Zf, mounted also on the electric Urbino in operation in the Italian cities of Bergamo and Milan) will constitute the drive unit. The bus will be fitted with LED lighting, both inside as well as outside.

Solaris Bus & Coach and Hamburg, together since 2006

Hamburg inhabitants are well acquainted with the buses featuring the green dachshund logo. The Polish producer has been delivering vehicles to the city since 2006, when it won a contract for conventionally fuelled Solaris Urbino 12 vehicles. At the moment a total of 30 buses produced in Bolechowo, including five electric ones, cruise Hamburg streets. Two of the 18.75-metre Solaris Urbino electrics supplied in 2014 are state-of-the-art electric vehicles with a hydrogen fuel cell. In Hamburg, Solaris’ electric vehicles serve above all on the 109 bus line, which the operator decided to dedicate exclusively to low and zero-emission vehicles.

electric bus solaris urbino


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