Tribus will present its full electric minibus e-Civitas Electron at IAA Hannover. The vehicle is based on a Fiat Ducato chassis with driveline developed by the French company Gruau Electric. The minibus is equipped with 90 kW electric engine and a 38 kWh battery. The range, according to Tribus, is 100 km.

tribus electric minibus

38 kWh battery and 100 km range for Tribus e-Civitas Electron

Tribus is a Dutch minibus manufacturer founded in 1998 and now based in Utrecht. Since 2015 the company is official Mercedes van partner. The first electric minibus by Tribus was launched in 2017. The e-Civitas Electron is a low-floor minibus based on the Ducato L3H2 and features an automatic sliding side-door, a low-floor entry and a manual folding ramp in order to make the vehicle more accessible than possible. The e-Civitas Electron version has a 90 kW electro-motor powered by a 38 kWh battery (charged in less than two hours) and has a range of 100 km. The minibus can carry up to 12 passenger and 1 wheelchair. Tribus also realizes a e-Ducato minibus that can cover a range of 220 km thanks to 78 kWh battery.

tribus electric minibus


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