Luzern, Switzerland, has taken delivery of three new electric articulated buses. Starting from Saturday, 24 February 2024, the first Mercedes eCitaro articulated electric bus has been in operation for Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern AG, serving route 19 from Lucerne railway station to Lucerne Friedental, while also being adaptable to other routes.

These electric articulated buses are charged at the Weinbergli depot, utilizing the existing charging infrastructure. They are powered by natural electricity sourced from renewable sources such as wind, water, and sun, ensuring zero emissions during local operation, VBL states.

While Lucerne joins the ranks of cities like Basel and Zug in adopting electric articulated buses, it also reinforces the city’s commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation in transportation.

The introduction of these electric buses is part of a broader strategy outlined by the Lucerne Transport Association, aiming to transition road-based public transport in the canton of Lucerne to fossil-free alternatives by 2040.

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