7 June 2018 @ 12:00 – 23:30

The event is a unique opportunity to talk with business partners, exchange of views and experiences at the level of management and the building of a new, sustainable cooperation, which directly affects the development of the company. The aim is to build a platform for companies and individuals associated with the new mobility, exceptional outstanding achievements, efficiency and innovation.

During the conference will address issues related to the new mobility. This workshop is planned for more than 100 participants, including government city of Gdansk and the Pomorskie voivodship, entrepreneurs and representatives of the largest companies in the energy sector, automotive and petrochemical, as well as the cities of Tallinn and the delegation of Dresden (precursors of revolutionary projects cited in this field). The co-organizer is also Mr. Stephan Rammler professor, advisor to many of the largest German companies and government institutions in the field of new mobility, the author of widely read books about the future, which is currently working on an essay. Tri-City vision in thirty years.


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