The Sustainable Bus Award 2025 will be handed over during FIAA 2024, organised by IFEMA MADRID and scheduled from 22 to 25 October 2024.

The awarding will be held on the opening day, 22nd October. The date for the Award is also coinciding with its Press Day. 

The Sustainable Bus Awards, the first and only European award that acknowledges sustainability in the field of buses, are split in three category: Urban, Intercity and Coach.  

MAN, Iveco Bus and Setra won the Sustainable Bus Awards 2024, handed over at Busworld in October 2023.

Finalists’ list out in early June

Following a selection carried out by jurors, based on the test drives and in-depth analysis conducted during their independent journalistic activity, the vehicles with more nominations will be included in the finalists list, that will be announced in early June.

Then, the second step of the evaluation process wil take place: the jury of the Sustainable Bus Award will be realizing a detailed evaluation of the shortlisted vehicles according to SBY criteria. The criteria are split in the following areas: Engine, Transmission, Safety, Comfort, Sustainability. Manufacturers of the shortlisted vehicles will be actively engaged in order to provide to the jury all the information they need to go through a deep journalistic analysis of very technical elements. 

What is worth mentioning, the Sustainable Bus Award is not intended to be just a prize to the ‘greener’ vehicle, but it’s based on a cross-cutting idea of sustainability, intended as the ability to establish a positive image of the vehicle to the eyes of the general public and to fit into global trends that see the bus & coach industry on the front line as a category strongly committed to delivering more efficient, less polluting, safer vehicles. Several aspects can come into play, such as safety, comfort, noise, recyclability of components and the general environmental commitment of the manufacturer. 

The jury represents ten European countries, each of one is embodied by a leading sector-related media: AUTOBUS (Italy); AUTO TEKNIIKA JA KULJETUS (Finland); BUS & COACH BUYER (UK); CARRILBUS (Spain); INFOBUS (Poland); INFOTRUCKER (Romania); MAGYARBUSZ (Hungary); MOBLY-CITES (France);  OMNIBUSNEWS (Germany); TRANZIT (Slovenia)


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