Iveco and Air Liquide (world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and healthcare) have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop hydrogen mobility in Europe.

The European partnership, as stated in a joint note by the two companies, will help to make “clean” mobility a reality by leveraging the complementary skills of the two companies, in particular Air Liquide’s experience along the entire hydrogen value chain, from production and storage to distribution, and Iveco’s wealth of knowledge as a provider of advanced and sustainable transport solutions.

Both partners will dedicate resources and resources to study the launch of heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles for long haul, together with the installation of a network of renewable or low carbon hydrogen refueling stations along the main trans-European transport corridors.

In parallel, both companies will jointly promote initiatives to encourage hydrogen mobility, involving all stakeholders across the entire value chain. The partnership, it says, is in line with the collaboration the two companies have underway on the HyAmmed project in southern France, to develop Europe’s first fleet of 44-tonne fuel cell electric trucks associated with the first 1-tonne/day high-pressure hydrogen refueling station, with the aim of decarbonizing long-haul freight mobility in Europe.

Iveco and Air Liquide comments

«We are committed to the development of a hydrogen economy and are excited to partner with Air Liquide in finding the most effective way to provide operators with this sustainable alternative fuel», said Luca Sra, designated president of Iveco Group’s Truck Business Unit. «It is essential that we all focus on achieving the global goals of zero net CO2 emissions, working together to push the industry to achieve this goal faster», he added.

Matthieu Giard, vice president, member of the executive committee overseeing Air Liquide’s hydrogen business, said, «Hydrogen can make a significant contribution to reducing emissions from the transportation sector, as it is particularly well suited for long-haul heavy-duty vehicles. Air Liquide is pleased to join forces with a leader such as Iveco to explore ways in which to start this revolution. In line with its sustainability goals, Air Liquide is acting to foster the development of hydrogen ecosystems and contribute to the emergence of a low-carbon society».


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