It is the German urban operator Hanauer Straßenbahn that has received the first (two) mild hybrid versions of the Solaris Urbino. Under the agreement signed in April 2021, a total of 16 buses, including nine 12-meter and seven 18-meter buses, will be delivered to the city of Hanau, all of which will also be strictly mild hybrid, low emissions.

A 220 kWh internal combustion engine is supported by an “electric machine” (48 V) that works as a power generator. This machine is no longer needed for the combustion engine, which results in fuel savings and lower exhaust emissions. The mild hybrid solution marks a natural evolution in energy recovery technology. It is used primarily during two driving activities: acceleration and braking.

In particular, it is during regenerative braking that energy is recovered and stored in an energy storage device. This is then used when the engine is under greater strain, i.e. during acceleration. At that time, the car acts as an electric motor. As a result, mild hybrids release fewer pollutants and are more environmentally friendly.

The Urbino 12 mild hybrid buses for Hanauer Straßenbahn GmbH are low-emission, highly comfortable vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art solutions that make them easy to operate. Maximum safety is ensured, among other things, by the MobilEye Shield+ system, which eliminates the blind spot and warns the driver of pedestrians and cyclists suddenly approaching the vehicle. Three cameras, namely a front-facing camera and two cameras located on the sides of the vehicles, alert the driver whenever a pedestrian or cyclist suddenly approaches the vehicle. vehicles, alert the driver whenever an unexpected object is detected in the vicinity of the bus. The operator also opted for an enclosed driver’s cab to ensure complete working comfort for the driver and to minimize air circulation between the cab and the passenger compartment. passenger compartment. In addition, passengers will benefit from modern LED lighting, built-in USB charging ports and air conditioning during operation.


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