The largest ABB E-Mobility DC fast charger production center is located in Tuscany, Italy, precisely at the E-mobility Centre of Excellence in Valdarno. 

The 16,000 square meters E-mobility Centre of Excellence represents an investment of $30 million, with 3,200 square meters area devoted to R&D. It is indeed a huge step towards e-mobility, with Italy expected to play a pivotal role in ABB’s point of view.

According to the company’s plans, the new production site will enable the production of more than 10,000 additional DC chargers a year. ABB has already sold about 680,000 EV chargers across more than 85 markets. Even the Terra 360 fast charger, which can deliver 100 km of range in less than three minutes, will be manufactured at the Italian center.

ABB fast charger production in Italy

Seven production lines will be operating in Valdarno. These will be capable to produce one DC fast charger every 20 minutes. Moreover, 15 testing facilities will be able to simulate over 400 charging sessions per day, while integrated automation solutions connect the shopfloor to the innovative automatic warehouse, ensuring optimized stock control, full traceability and efficient operations, supported by AGVs and handling vehicles.

“The opening of our new Valdarno facility demonstrates ABB E-mobility’s commitment to building a zero-emission future. In addition to increased production capacity, the investment made in Valdarno helps to expand our innovative R&D activity, ensuring we can continue to cement our reputation as the world leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, delivering future proof e-mobility solutions for the vehicles of today and tomorrow”, stated Frank Mühlon, CEO of ABB E-mobility.


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