Jema Energy has been contracted by London’s “largest bus operator” for the electrification of the London bus line 358 which runs approx. 16 miles. This has been the first route in London to use this technology. 

Jema Energy awarded the electrification of London longest bus line

“The United Kingdom has approved the implementation of a corridor with opportunity charging points for electric city buses throughout the country. In this sense, and in order to validate in advance the operation of this future corridor, the installation of charging equipment on a specific line of electric buses in London has been approved“, Jema says. The project has been used to validate the future corridor of opportunity charging points planned for London. 

The e-mobility solution implemented by Jema Energy was the installation of two opportunity charging stations using inverted pantographs and fire detection and extinguishing systems, which made the electrification of the line a reality. In this way, buses are fully charged at the start of each day and use a pantograph to charge via overhead wires at the end of the route at Orpington and Crystal Palace, the two ends of the route. 

jema energy london

Two charging stations have been installed, comprising a 500 kW charger feeding the buses via an OppCharge inverted pantograph, as well as a set of auxiliary systems for monitoring, control and protection. 

Equipped with protection systems such as dual power supply with automatic changeover for sensitive elements, UPS and fire detection and extinguishing modules. 


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