The introduction of high-power charging (HPC) solutions at the Corbeil-Essonnes operation center of the Ile-De-France Mobilités has been just celebrated. Jointly developed by Kiepe Electric and Alstom, this innovative initiative aims to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of bus operations. The launch was announced on IDF’s Linkedin page.

The newly inaugurated ground charging system is tailored to support the 24-meter-long, battery-electric double-articulated buses from the Van Hool – Kiepe Electric – Alstom consortium, offering charging capabilities of up to 800 kW and able to accomodate 140 seated passengers. The first unit was showcased at Busworld last year. As Van Hool is now struggling with plans to stop production of city buses and restructuring the company, is unclear how and if this would have any impact on already-commissioned projects.

The Tzen4 line between Corbeil-Essonnes and Viry-Châtillon is expected to commence operations by the end of 2024.


Tzen4 BRT, charging time less than 5 minutes

With strategically positioned charging points along the Tzen4 BRT line, including endpoints and one in the middle, the system enables rapid charging times of less than 5 minutes.

Central to the charging infrastructure is the SRS static ground charging system from Alstom, complemented by the charging hardware integrated into the buses by Kiepe Electric. The entire charging process is managed by Kiepe Electric’s Smart Fleet Management System (SFM).

Kiepe Electric is also supplying the traction system for two driven axles in each vehicle. The scope of the order also includes traction batteries, auxiliary power converters and cooling systems, as well as power distribution units (high-voltage distribution).

The adoption of HPC technology offers several benefits, including the potential for smaller batteries, creating more space for passengers. Furthermore, the ability to charge continuously along the route presents opportunities for utilizing renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic electricity.

Alstom ground-charging solution is already in use on 15 kilometres of tramway tracks in Nice, where it allows automatic and fast in-station recharging with no additional constraints for operations and with ground-breaking availability (>99.9%). SRS is designed by Alstom in Vitrolles, a world centre of excellence for ground power solutions.


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