EV charging solution provider XCharge has been selected as provider of chargers by EMT Madrid in Spain and GTT in Turin, Italy.

The company, whose headquarter are in Beijing and European subsidiary in Hamburg, has delivered 30 units of 120kW C6EU chargers with its e-bus charging management system in the Spanish capital city, to refuel and managing the shift of its BYD e-bus fleet.

Not long ago, XCharge has closed a deal with the Italian public transport operator Torino Transit Corporation (GTT) by delivering an integrated green charging services including 25 units of C6EU 120kW Smart DC Chargers within just 2 months.

XCharge chargers in Turin and Madrid

After witnessing this burgeoning demand in this segment, XCharge says it has leveraged more R&D capabilities and tailored a specific solution which tackles against the e-bus charging pain points from 360 degree perspective, and its charging devices are interoperable with most of the existing e-bus models across the globe.  

By presetting the power load levels remotely on the platform, «the charging stations will never face any load shortage. Additionally, with the help of the newly launched dynamic charging port scheduling algorithm, there will be no longer problems standing in the way of e-bus drivers like going circles to find parking spots and available charging ports. When an e-bus returns to the station, a port will be scheduled in advance, and whatever SOC the battery left, it will be charged precisely to the preset SOC level before leaving the station. And the dynamic charging power distribution through the port will be subject to the urgency of the demand from e-buses, with full consideration of the remaining time before leaving and the remaining SOC», XCharge points out. 

“Achieving the goal of ‘carbon neutrality’ is not just the task of one certain company or industry. We have to change our mindset to a cross-industry perspective and involve all stakeholders. XCharge can better help energy companies, fleet operators, and parking lot owners to reach that goal and boost their business growth in the meantime.” said Simon Hou, Co-founder and CEO of XCharge. “By creating industry-leading products and services, XCharge will work together with other stakeholders to foster a zero-carbon future.”


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