Solaris Bus & Coach is at the moment the European leader in electric buses, with a market share of 18 per cent. Interviewed by Sustainable Bus, Mateusz Figaszewski, director e-mobility development in Solaris, outlines the brand strategy in the field of zero mobility vehicles.

Vehicles that, now, have the obstacle of a very high upfront price, plus the double of conventional diesel buses. Transport operators and municipality who want to shift to e-mobility can count on European grants. However: things are changing. As explained on the in-depth analysis “Electric Buses in Cities. Driving Towards Cleaner Air and Lower CO2” by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT HERE), «The price for lithium-ion battery packs has fallen by 24% since 2016 and 79% since 2010». And a further decrease is expected.
Anyway, battery electric bus shouldn’t be considered the definitive solution. Solaris Bus & Coach is already betting on fuel cell buses. More information in the interview with Mateusz Figaszewski…

Mateusz Figaszewski


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