Six major players in the Swedish bus transport sector are urging the government to quickly approve the use of buses up to 25.5 meters long, as reported on Swedish trade media Currently, the legal limit for bus length in Sweden is 24 meters.

In their letter to the government, these organizations highlight the competitive disadvantage imposed by the 24-meter restriction. They note that this limitation essentially leaves only one supplier (the not-esplicitly named Van Hool, which recently declared bankruptcy).

Make up to 25.5-meter buses legal in Sweden!

The appeal, still according to, is supported by the three largest metropolitan regions in Sweden, the Swedish Bus and Coach Association, Swedish Public Transport, and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKR). The Swedish Transport Agency has also encouraged these organizations to present their case to the government.

The letter points out that Västtrafik, a major public transport operator, has had to abandon plans for double-decker buses due to the high prices resulting from the lack of competition.


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