New Van Hool touristic coach range T Series is ready to complement the existing luxury touring coaches EX and TDX. With a focus on aerodynamics, design, comfort, and safety, Van Hool aims to deliver an exceptional experience for both drivers and passengers. «It’s a vehicle that will set the tone for the Van Hool brand over the next ten years”, Van Hool states. The range is made up of T Alicron, T Acron and T Astron single-deckers.

The first coaches to be marketed will be Van Hool T Alicron with a length of 12-13 meters, while the T Acron has a length ranging from 10 to 14 meters. The T Astron, on the other hand, will be on the market in the 13 and 14-meter lengths

Astron Van Hool T Series

In terms of engine specifications, the coaches are equipped with engines supplied by Paccar-DAF belonging to the EURO6 NG generation. They’ll be available in two variants: 11 liters and 13 liters. The power output of these engines ranges from 270 kW (367 horsepower) to 390 kW (530 horsepower). This power range allows the coaches to deliver sufficient performance for their intended purposes.

The Van Hool T offers a choice of automated manual gearboxes (ZF TraXon) and automatic gearboxes (ZF EcoLife and Allison).

Acron back Van Hool T Series

Van Hool T Series, aerodynamics, design, comfort and safety

Van Hool has invested significant effort in improving the aerodynamic efficiency of their buses. By smoothing edges, adopting a rounded windshield design, integrating lights into the bodywork, and incorporating fins and a roof spoiler, they have reduced wind turbulence and noise. This not only contributes to fuel efficiency but also enhances the comfort of both drivers and passengers, it is pointed out.

«The most striking design feature of the Van Hool T is the particularly convex windscreen, the shape and rake of which is fully consistent with maximum air flow. At the front of the vehicle, the underside boasts a smooth finish to minimise air turbulence here too. Thanks to this striking aerodynamic streamlining, wind noise is also kept to a minimum», is underlined by the Belgian manufacturer.

The T series boasts a refreshed design. A striking chrome strip highlights the series name, separating the bodywork from the window glass. Glossy black surfaces and LED technology lights create a contemporary and sophisticated appearance. The interior features sleek black surfaces, and the driver’s workstation has been redesigned with a light-colored ceiling, a digital light panel, and an upgraded multimedia system.

The introduction of lighter seats (with saving of 5 to 6 kg per seat) also contribute to reducing the overall weight of the buses. Passengers can enjoy a comfortable reclining experience with the “cradle” function, allowing the seat to move with the inclination of the backrest. The overhead luggage compartments have been redesigned for lighter items, maximizing cabin space and improving air circulation. Boarding and disembarking have been made easier with more spacious entry stairs. Additionally, a new air conditioning system ensures a quieter and more pleasant journey.

Van Hool has partnered with Mobileye to integrate advanced safety features into the T series. The Shield+ range includes components such as Turning Assist, which alerts drivers to the presence of road users when making turns, and Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW), which detects pedestrians in front of the vehicle and warns the driver. The Speed Limitation Indication recognizes speed limit signs and displays them on the dashboard, giving those high evidence. The Highway Monitoring Warning helps maintain a safe distance from preceding vehicles, and finally Turn Signal Reminder ensures that drivers are aware of their active turn signals. Furthermore, the Driver Drowsiness Indication system monitors driver fatigue, providing audible and visual alarms when necessary.


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