Busworld Europe 2021 is preparing to go ‘live’ from 9 to 14 October 2021 for its 50th edition, «fully supported by its exhibitors», as the organizer underlines.

Apart from having extra digital possibilities for online visitors, Busworld says it «will invest in making its 50th birthday edition extra special and well worth visiting live, even more than before. As its exhibitors invest in their participation, Busworld will invest in its live experience. Nobody will want to miss this edition».

busworld europe 2021

Busworld Europe 2021 ready for October

The only European bus-related events scheduled before Busworld are the FIAA (announced for March) and Bus2bus 2021 in Berlin in April 2021.

Concerning Busworld Europe 2021, according to the Busworld covid-19 advisor, Prof. dr. Peter Messiaen – Professor Virology at Hasselt University & Head of Department of Infectious Diseases in Virga hospital in Belgium – the prospects are positive to have a great Busworld event in 10 months’ time. «Due to the highly effective vaccines that have been developed and the ongoing vaccination campaigns around the world, nothing stands in the way of travelling to Brussels in October», he says.

Busworld 2021 and Covid

Of course the safety of the exhibiting staff and the visiting professionals remains the main priority. Busworld, in close collaboration with Brussels Expo, absolutely guarantee a safe environment where all people can meet, do business, learn and network in the best possible circumstances.

Right at the moment that the world of bus and coach will be ready to relaunch its activities, Busworld will be ready to host the physical kick-off to this long awaited event. It is no secret that the bus and coach industry has been and still is suffering severely from the covid-19 crisis. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Mieke Glorieux, Managing Director of Busworld Europe is very convinced: “Every day of the next 277 days is one day closer to Busworld Europe 2021. Together we’ll celebrate the relaunch of the industry and Busworld’s 50th anniversary!


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